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Halfbytes, the duo of J.S. Adams (BLK W/BEAR, BLK TAG) and Chester Hawkins (Blue Sausage Infant), will have their EP available through the Panda next week.

In the meantime, here they are from a set in Greenbelt, Maryland.

More New Music Afoot

There’s something about the word afoot that is fun to say.  Maybe it’s because of Sherlock Holmes.  2016 is looking to be quite the year for the Panda after a slow 2015.  First up will be Halfbytes, the glitch art project of J.S. Adams and Chester Hawkins.  Halfbytes’s debut will be of the Temporary Release variety.   This will be followed up by another Temporary Release Program album, also including J.S. Adams: BLK TAG.  From there, we’re looking at the long-awaited drone compilation Excerpts from Ten Innovative Workout Tapes.


Happy New Year!