18 tracks. 90+ minutes of music. All for a good cause.

Isolation is a compilation benefitting Bread for the City’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Bread for the City is a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. that provides food, clothing, and social services to those in need. COVID-19 has hit economically vulnerable communities particularly hard. Access to medical care and social services continues to be difficult and COVID-19 ‘s effects on our nation’s health and economy have made such access more difficult. All of this means that folks need whatever help we can provide now more than ever. We know that every little bit helps, so we are using our noise, drone, and experimental music to help others.

If you like the sounds on this compilation, please check out additional music by the talented and generous folks who have made it happen. If you hate the sounds on this compilation, please express your disgust with a massive donation to Bread for the City.

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