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RANGELAND by Mule Death

Rangeland is out now. This droning and doomy release by Mule Death stretches across the open plain like a giant land octopus leaving only desolation where once the tentacles squiggled.

This EP is an excellent follow-up to Symmetry. Mark Sharpe explores some different, more oppressive landscapes. With just one 14-minute track, this will quench your thirst for long songs and short EPs. And if you like drone, post rock, and minimalism, you’ll really like this piece.

new MULE DEATH coming

We’re excited to announce Mule Death’s followup to 2017’s Symmetry. That EP was one 24-minute synth-laden sojourn into claustrophobia, possibly on a large ship.

The new EP, titled Rangeland, finds Mark Sharpe on the plains of Alliance, Nebraska. We expect it to be out early next month. You can stream Symmetry below.


18 tracks. 90+ minutes of music. All for a good cause.

Isolation is a compilation benefitting Bread for the City’s Covid-19 Response Fund. Bread for the City is a nonprofit in Washington, D.C. that provides food, clothing, and social services to those in need. COVID-19 has hit economically vulnerable communities particularly hard. Access to medical care and social services continues to be difficult and COVID-19 ‘s effects on our nation’s health and economy have made such access more difficult. All of this means that folks need whatever help we can provide now more than ever. We know that every little bit helps, so we are using our noise, drone, and experimental music to help others.

If you like the sounds on this compilation, please check out additional music by the talented and generous folks who have made it happen. If you hate the sounds on this compilation, please express your disgust with a massive donation to Bread for the City.


pdsexton’s Fuzzy Panda debut, ‘oumuamua, is a magnificent entry into the world of synth explorations and the indescribable majesty of spacey ambience.

The release is immediately enveloping and transportive: it begins with a rushing synthesizer that remains propulsive throughout the track as sonorous low-end echoes of Spacemen 3 reverberate under a wash of synthesized strings. We’ve left our atmosphere and are on our way out of Earth’s orbit. How much time has passed? Each track is a new planet. Where are we? Our wise captain has returned us home and must continue his journey without us.

We’re down here on Earth, fighting a microscopic virus, but in the great vacuum of space, ‘oumuamua is out there, forever traveling, exploring galaxies we may one day see.

You can lose yourself in this album at